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Martyn James is an award-winning broadcaster, columnist, public relations and consumer rights expert, with two decades of experience working with the UK’s leading journalists and broadcasters.

Consumer rights expert

With twenty years of experience as an expert and commentator, I’m recognised as one of the leading consumer rights specialists and champions in the UK.

I’ve made 12,000 appearances on television and radio since I began broadcasting and last year my comments, guides and advice featured on 4,000 occasions in Britain’s top publications.

I’ve also won numerous awards, including Headline Money’s Expert of the Year and Press Office of the Year, as voted by business, consumer and personal finance journalists.


I’m an award-winning consumer rights expert, journalist and broadcaster with two decades of experience working for the UK’s leading newspapers and broadcasters. As a journalist, I’ve written over 2,000 published columns in the national press and for over 100 papers around the UK. I’ve made 12,000 appearances on television and radio since I began broadcasting and my tips, guides and advice feature in the media on average around 4,000 times every year.

A decade ago, I set up two businesses to support my work in the media.

Every year, I feature in over 4,000 news and broadcast features, including over 400 TV and radio broadcasts. This media coverage generated the equivalent of £23 million in advertising revenue and was seen over 1.1 billion times last year.

My creative services can be booked through my expert website which I launched to promote my broadcast, journalism, publishing and creative work. My corporate services are available through, where I provide media consultation services and support to many of the UK’s leading organisations and businesses. 

Martyn James, Media Expert

Young, gifted and stylish.

But enough about me: Martyn is one of the sharpest, funniest and kindest people you could ever hope to meet, and annoyingly good at his work.

Simon Calder

Broadcaster and Journalist

Martyn and I devised and delivered a range of media and messaging sessions together, working with founders of small businesses to leaders of global companies. He has a huge depth of knowledge and insight and is adept at getting the best out of participants.

Sarah Pennells

Broadcaster and Journalist

Martyn can think like a journalist and a brand strategist at the same time. He offers a great deal of expertise, canny ideas that work brilliantly in the media and is a dream to work with.
Tricia Beaumont

Head of Communications, Hyperjar

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Unfortunately I am unable to take on complaints on behalf of individuals. You may find the answers you are looking for by searching my articles.

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