With twenty years of experience as an expert and commentator, I’m recognised as one of the leading consumer rights specialists and champions in the UK.

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I’ve made 7,000 appearances on television and radio since I began broadcasting and last year my comments, guides and advice featured on 4,000 occasions in Britain’s top publications.

I’ve also won numerous awards, including Headline Money’s Expert of the Year, as voted by business, consumer and personal finance journalists.

Consumer rights expertise

I work with hundreds of journalists and broadcasters each year to provide comments, content, advice, information and background briefings on every industry sector, organisation and consumer product available in the UK.

I’ve built my reputation on the breadth and scope of my knowledge and my passion for helping translate often complex issues in to a language that’s accessible to everyone.

From pet insurance to pensions and from travel agents to ticket agencies, I can help journalists find the information they need to make the news.

Research and responsibility

I specialise in providing context and depth around leading news stories, including providing detailed overviews, giving historical background, unravelling complexities and quirks and assessing their future impact,

I’ve built a formidable consumer rights portfolio of expertise across all industries and sectors over the years. But times change quickly and my focus is on adapting this knowledge to interpret both breaking news and anticipate what the future may hold.

My work is researched and sourced thoroughly to the highest standards. I also work with an extensive and diverse range of other leading experts to share their views on emerging issues and entrenched disputes.

Rules, regulations and the law

There are an awful lot of laws, rules and regulations out there – and interpreting them impartially and fairly can have a direct impact on the validity and perception of a story in the media.

Using my knowledge of the impact of these rules across a range of scenarios and sectors, I help journalists navigate the complex and often convoluted world of consumer rights.

I’m regularly contacted by editors and producers who are seeking experts or specialists in other sectors. I work with (and have media trained) a wide range of commentators who are also available to speak to broadcast and print journalists.


It’s very easy to criticise businesses and organisations in the media. It’s much harder to provide context and creative suggestions on how to make things better.

I’ve worked on some of the biggest consumer campaigns of the last two decades. I’m currently working on numerous topical campaigns and consultations on everything from sector-specific problems to issues arising from the cost-of-living crisis.

Martyn is extremely knowledgeable about consumer rights and wrongs. He knows his stuff, but most importantly is able to communicate sometimes complex issues with ease. And he can spot business flannel and fobbing off a mile off and will not hesitate to call it out.

Gary Rycroft

Broadcaster and Legal Expert

I’m also working with leading journalists, policy makers, consumer groups, regulators and other experts on a range of campaigns designed to improve customer service and help businesses rebuild trust with people who use their services.

CONTACT MARTYN : / 07748 165 955

Unfortunately I am unable to take on complaints on behalf of individuals. You may find the answers you are looking for by searching my articles.

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